Presente | Tell ICE: Release Mothers On Hunger Strike At Texas Immigrant Detention Center
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Tell ICE: Release Mothers On Hunger Strike At Texas Immigrant Detention Center

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    The Message

    This the message you are sending to ICE. 

    Dear Sarah Saldaña,

    I'm writing to stand in solidarity with the women and children detained at Karnes County Residential Facility. I ask that you immediately do everything in your power to release them on parole. I further ask that you agree to meet in person with these women and their legal representatives to learn more about the conditions in which they lived.


    [Your Name]

    Women held in Texas Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) prison work for $3/day, their children's health is deteriorating, and many haven't been given the opportunity to post a reasonable bond for their release.

    Conditions have gotten so bad that 40 women went on a five day hunger strike last week. Many of these women fled to the United States because they feared for their lives. Now they, and even their children, are being put in solitary confinement cells in the medical wing of the  prison for participating in the strike. The mother’s ended their hunger strike this past weekend and have given ICE ten days to release them before escalating their demands. 

    Will you sign our petition asking ICE to immediately release these women and their families? By doing so, you'll help us tell a powerful story in the media that increases scrutiny on ICE and forces the agency to treat these women like human beings.

    Tell ICE Director Sarah Saldaña to immediately release the women and families held at Karnes County Residential Center!

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