Call Your Representative!

We need to pass DREAM in 2010

We need a majority of Representatives in the House and several key reps are still on the fence. Anti-immigrant groups are flooding Congress' phone lines with misinformation and anger and your member of Congress needs to hear your voice now.

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    Here is a script you can use.  And please don't forget to tell us how your call went when you are done.

    "Hi, I am calling to urge Representative ________ to support the DREAM Act [S.729]. The DREAM Act allows immigrant youth of good moral character to make crucial economic contributions to the United States.


    DREAM provides a pathway to citizenship through college education or military service for hundreds of thousands of young people, many of whom have only know this country as home. 


    Students who would qualify for the DREAM Act want serve our country by joining the workforce as professionals and the military. They are counting on you to vote YES."