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Tell Governor Jerry Brown: Sign the TRUST Act Now

California is so close to passing the TRUST Act, an "anti-Arizona" immigration law that would stop police from detaining people who pose no threat to public safety and are unjustly targeted for deportation.

Under federal programs like "Secure Communities," 72,000 people have been deported from California despite 70% of them having no criminal record or having committed only minor infractions such as driving with a broken taillight.

This is unacceptable--which is why we need the California TRUST Act right now. It's already passed the state Senate and Assembly and all that stands in its way is a signature from the governor. Please sign this petition telling Gov. Brown to stand up for the safety and dignity of all Californians by signing the TRUST Act into law. 

The Message

To Governor Jerry Brown: 

The flawed federal program Secure Communities, rather than fostering cooperation between law enforcement and immigration officials to remove individuals "who pose a danger to national security or a risk to public safety," has actually resulted in the deportations of thousands of people who are stopped for minor infractions such as broken taillights or no convictions at all.

In California, 70% of 72,000 people deported under the program had no criminal record or committed only minor offenses. The program is a risk to public safety because it leaves wide room for racial profiling and creates an environment of fear, in which immigrants don't report crimes for fear of deportation.

AB 1081, the CA TRUST Act, would curb some of the damage done by Secure Communities and ensure that California leads the way in smart immigration policy that truly values public safety. Please sign AB 1081 into law immediately. 

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