Presente | Tell Alabama to Stop Attacking Latino Children!
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Tell Alabama to Stop Attacking Latino Children!

The most draconian anti-immigration in the country is going into effect in Alabama right now and what is happening as a result is horrifying.

There are reports circulating on blogs that people must show valid Alabama ID to get water service to their homes, that many are too scared to leave their homes for groceries for fear of being targeted and of neighbors turning on each other and calling the authorities to check the immigration status of people living next door to them.  And the law is also compounding the economic crisis in Alabama, which has a deep farming economy. Migrant workers are afraid to come to work—so there are millions of dollars of produce that is rotting in the fields as a result.

And since this law targets immigrant children explicitly, the day after its implementation 2,000 children or 5% of Latino children in the Alabama’s school system did not go to school. This is why is asking for you to sign this condemnation against this new state law. Will stand against these hateful laws?

The Message

The following will be collected to show the public outrage against the new immigration law in Alabama:

People from all over the country are standing up against the most heinous immigration law in the country. Alabama has taken the anti-immigrant and anti-Latino sentiment to new levels. This law targets children, business and families.

We will not stand by and watch the attacks against children and families. Alabama can do better than this! 

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