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Tell the CHC: Oppose border militarization!

Even though net migration into the US has dramatically dropped to below zero, the current immigration reform bill is very heavy-handed on border militarization and. It would make border communities look like war zones: doubling the number of US Border Patrol to more than in North Korea, adding additional miles of fencing, and military-grade surveillance equipment similar to what is used in Afghanistan. This is not only a waste of resources on a border that is already "secure," but also it will increase deaths at the border. With every surge of border enforcement in the past, deaths in the desert and at the hands of Border Patrol agents dramatically spike. 

Can you stand up for border communities and against deaths on the border by adding your name?

The Message

To Rep. Ruben Hinojosa, chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus:

Our people deserve better, and President Obama has to know where the communities who voted for him stands. We are calling on you to draw the line and not accept more death and destruction on the border.

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