Presente | Congressional Hispanic Caucus: Stand strong against deportations
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Congressional Hispanic Caucus: Stand strong against deportations

In just a few months, President Obama will have hit a grim milestone -- more than two million people deported. Yet the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has not spoken out against the Obama Administration's practice of aggressive deportations. Everyone will need to do their part to stop the deportations, beginning with our elected leaders.

Join us in asking CHC Chair Ruben Hinojosa and the rest of the caucus to speak up.

The Message

I'm writing to ask that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus publicly oppose the Obama Administration's river of deportations. As Obama approaches his two millionth deportation, the Caucus as entity has been noticeably silent on this vital issue.

The Hispanic Caucus carries a moral heft that should be vigorously employed in service of Latino communities across the United States. Instead, your silence confers tacit consent to policies that demonstrably harm our communities.

I urge you to lead the Caucus toward more emphatic positions on important matters concerning the Latino community, even when those positions may contradict the President or your allies in your own party. Please publicly and vociferously oppose the President's immigration policies.

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