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Rep. Don Young: Resign immediately for calling Latinos "wetbacks"

Republican Rep. Don Young just used the racial slur "wetback" to refer to immigrants on a local Alaska radio show. Rep. Young issued a non-apology saying he "meant no disrespect" but that isn't anywhere near what needs to be done to make up for a member of Congress using a word with the harmful history of "wetback."

Rep. Young's use of the term and his non-apology suggests that he is unfit to be a representative of the people of the United States and he should resign now.

We need at least 10,000 people to tell Rep. Young to resign for using the word "wetback" so that we can hold him accountable for using this racial slur. Can you sign and share this petition to help us get there?

UPDATE: We blew past our goal of 10,000 can you sign and share this to help us get to 20,000?

The Message

To Representative Don Young:

Your use of the word "wetback" was unnacceptable in your father's time and it is unacceptable now. There is a long and harmful history behind that term and no member of Congress should be able to say it without consequence.

Your use of the term and the non-apology you offerred in response suggest you should not be representing the people of the United States and that's why we're calling on you to resign.  

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