Presente | The Familia Was Attacked: Erika's Mother Could Be Deported At Any Moment
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The Familia Was Attacked: Erika's Mother Could Be Deported At Any Moment

Update 1: Thanks to quick action by people all across the country, Erika's mother and brother have been released from detention, but they could still be deported at any time. We need to continue pressuring ICE in these critical moments. 

Update 2: Thanks in part to 18,000 of you, Erika's mother has been granted administrative relief, and her brother has a chance to stay through the court system. But Erika, always the fighter, knows this isn't enough. Can you help her get 20,000 signatures to deliver to the offices of Sen. John McCain and Jeff Flake to demand answers?

Late Thursday night, a member of the familia was attacked. ICE raided the home of Erika Andiola, and took away her mother, Maria, and her brother, Heriberto. From information we've received, Erika's mother could be deported at any moment under an "expedited order of removal." We need to tell ICE to release Maria and Heriberto, right now.  

Organizing mostly from Arizona, Erika Andiola has become one of the most prominent pro-immigrant leaders in the country., where she led our elections work for a time, is just one of many organizations where she's heroically served. She and her family were organizing for immigration reform in the days leading up to ICE's raid on her home. When Erika's family was attacked, we were all attacked.

The Message

To President Obama, ICE Director John Morton, and Arizona Field Director Katrina Kane:

When you raided Erika Andiola's home, you raided all of us. We demand that you immediately release Erika's mother Maria Minerva Guadalupe Arreola and her brother Heriberto Andiola Arreola. We ask that you grant them, and all families like theirs, administrative relief so that they no longer have to live in fear.

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