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Permanently Stripping A Father From His Rights To His Children

UPDATE: After over 20,000 of you raised your voices, the Department of Homeland Security took the unprecedented step of allowing Felipe back in the country for his child custody hearing.  Sign the petition for further updates on his situation and to let government officials know that you want Felipe to remain with his family.

ORIGINAL MESSAGE: Last year, Felipe Montes was deported to Mexico. Now the Allegheny County Department of Social Services wants to terminate his rights to his three U.S. citizen children. Felipe’s children are just three of thousands that are being permanently separated from their parents by a broken immigration system and a patchwork of child welfare systems.

If we put enough pressure on the Allegheny County DSS and on the North Carolina Division of Social Services, we have a chance to reunify three boys with their father and keep them out of a precarious existence in the foster care system.  

The Message

To The North Carolina Division of Social Services and the Allegheny County Department of Social Services:

We call on the Allegheny County Department of Social Services to reunify Felipe Montes and his three children. Were Felipe still in the United States, the children he loves more than anything in the world would be in his devoted care. But because of his deportation he cannot return to be with them. We urge the Department to ensure that this family is not permanently separated, but rather that they be promptly reunified in the United States or Mexico.

National origin, race, and poverty should not be factors in who is allowed to be a parent. If the Allegheny County DSS moves to terminate Felipe’s parental rights it will send the message that there are some families it does not value. We know that child welfare departments have in mind the best interests of children and families. We ask that you not shatter this family.

We also call on the North Carolina Division of Social Services to develop clear policies to ensure that families separated by a parent’s deportation are quickly reunified. Around the country, a growing number of children are torn from their parents because of immigration enforcement. Child welfare departments must be prepared to make sure these families are treated fairly. A border should never speak louder than a parent’s love.

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