Presente | LA: Uphold Arizona Boycott. Say NO to Honeywell!
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LA: Uphold Arizona Boycott. Say NO to Honeywell!

Last year, the City of LA voted to boycott Arizona for its passage of its anti-immigrant and racial profiling law SB 1070. The LA City Attorney was to draft an ordinance defining the restrictions for city contracts with Arizona-based companies.

Almost one year later, the ordinance hasn’t been drafted and now LA is on the verge of awarding a major contract to Honeywell International, whose major division is headquartered in Arizona and who has a track record that includes breaking air-quality and hazardous-waste laws on hundreds of occasions, to exposing workers to hazardous materials.

We can’t let Los Angeles go back on its word, especially for a company that damages the environment and its workers.

Join us in demanding that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the LA City Council reaffirm its position on the boycott and craft an ordinance for the resolution.

The Message

Sign our petition to Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa and Los Angeles City Council: 

We urge you to reaffirm your position on the Arizona boycott.


Last year, we were proud that Los Angeles City leaders set an example by taking a firm stance against Arizona’s hatred and discrimination of Latinos and immigrants.


Now, we want you to hold strong. We demand that the City Council direct the City Attorney to draft an ordinance affirming LA’s boycott against Arizona-based companies and any sub divisions within those companies that are based or headquartered in Arizona, particularly those with poor corporate practices.

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