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Release Luis Rodriguez Phone Video Footage!!

Five Moore, Oklahoma police officers savagely beat Luis Rodriguez to death in front of his wife and daughter as his family left a movie theater on Valentine's Day. Luis was unarmed, and a threat to no one.

Luis' widow Nair says that he was simply trying to stop a fight between her and their daughter when police officers arrived on the scene and demanded to see his identification. When Luis tried to bypass officers to get to his wife, they tackled him and began beating him so severely that he was unrecognizable. He died shortly thereafter.

When police officers saw that Nair recorded most of the incident on her cell phone, it was taken away from her. Police claim to have taken the cell phone as evidence -- but only the cell phone shows what happened in the moments before Luis Rodriguez was killed. The public deserves to know exactly what happens so that Luis' killers can be held accountable.

Tell Chief Jerry Stillings to release the entire unedited video footage of Luis Rodriguez' death.

The Message

Below is the statement we'll send on your behalf to the Moore Police Chief Jerry Stillings:

Chief Jerry Stillings,

I urge you to publicly release the entire unedited video footage Luis Rodriguez' beating at the hands of Moore Police Department officers. Your department confiscated this footage from Nair Rodriguez, Luis' widow, at the scene.

The death of Mr. Rodriguez appears to be a major breach of the public's trust in Moore Police Department as stewards of the law and protectors of the peace. In this moment, only complete transparency from the department's leaders can begin to restore the public's faith that the entire truth will come out and that justice could be served.

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