Presente | Tell ICE: Ruth Shouldn't Get Deported Because Her Dogs Barked
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Tell ICE: Ruth Shouldn't Get Deported Because Her Dogs Barked

Ruth Montaño has been in the U.S. 13 years, putting food on our tables as a farm worker and in the service industry. She also has three children. This New Year's Eve, the Kern County Sheriff's Department arrested Ruth in front of her children because a neighbor reported her dogs were barking too loudly.

Now, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is trying to deport her. This is outrageous. No one should be put into deportation proceedings because their dogs bark too loudly. Ruth should not be considered a "high-priority" person for ICE to deport in any way.  

Please sign and share this petition to tell ICE to end deportation proceedings against Ruth Montaño, and to end the harmful program, S-COMM, which ensnared her.  The more of you that sign this petition, the better Ruth's chances are of staying in the country that has become her home.  

The Message

To President Obama, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, and ICE Director John Morton: 

Ruth Montaño does not fit your definition of a "high-priority" case. We demand that you cease deportation proceedings against her immediately. The fact that she was placed into deportation proceedings because her dogs were barking too loudly makes her situation even more outrageous.  

We are also extremely concerned about the S-COMM program that ensnared Ruth.  Repeatedly you have told the public that S-COMM focuses on people who need to be deported who are "high-priority" and tried to reform it, but in practice all our communities see is a massive deportation dragnet that has turned our local police officers into immigration agents. Please do away with this harmful program.

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