Presente | Massachusetts Is Not Arizona: Say No Racial Profiling in our State
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Massachusetts Is Not Arizona: Say No Racial Profiling in our State

Massachusetts lawmakers are attacking our communities, yet again. They're trying to take away the basic rights of our immigrant brothers and sisters to housing, education, work, and travel.

They're setting up a system for people to anonymously report anyone they "suspect" is undocumented to the Attorney General, an idea that has racial profiling written all over it. And they're trying to turn all of our local police officers into immigration agents through harmful federal programs like S-COMM.

The Joint Committee on the Judiciary is holding a hearing on this bill, tomorrow, February 28. Tell the members of the committee that this is not the Massachusetts you want to live in.

UPDATE: The Judiciary Committee didn't vote on the bill on Feb. 28, but they have to take action on it before March 21. Please continue to get as many people as possible to sign onto this as you can to stop them from reporting the bill favorably out of committee.

UPDATE 2: The bill continues to languish in the Judiciary Committee.  As is traditional in the Massachusetts State House, members are being opaque about the process and where members of the committee stand on their votes.  

The Message

To The Members of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary

We demand that you vote against Bill S. 2061 and that you immediately cease wasting valuable time at the Massachusetts State House beating up on immigrants.  Doing so does not make us safer, it makes us less safe. Nor does it help the economy, it hurts it.  

We don't want to live in a Massachusetts where hardworking immigrants that pump money into our economy are put out of business.  We don't want to live in a Massachusetts where people aren't allowed to rent an apartment, or get an education, in the only country they know as their home.  We don't want to live in a Massachusetts where our immigrant neighbors won't report crimes on our streets because they're afraid of getting deported. 

Stop beating up on immigrants and distracting from the real challenges facing Massachusetts.  Stop S. 2061.

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