Presente | Tell Yale Dean Robert Alpern Not to Use Immigrants as Guinea Pigs
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Tell Yale Dean Robert Alpern Not to Use Immigrants as Guinea Pigs

Yale University has plans to partner with the Department of Defense to create a military interrogation training center that would use immigrants as test subjects. The plan specifically calls for test subjects that are “someone they [soldiers] can’t necessarily identify with, ”specifically “Moroccans, Columbians, Nepalese, Ecuadorians and others.”

Lumping people of color in a category as out-of-the-norm folks who soldiers (many of whom are immigrants themselves) can’t identify with? And then using them as test subjects to test out war techniques? It is outrageous that the university would consider such a highly offensive plan. 

Dean Robert Alpern and other Yale leaders who are considering this proposal care a lot about the university’s public image. Yale depends on alumni for funding and already some former students have threatened to stop making donations after they heard about the center. If thousands of us sign this petition, the media will take notice and Dean Alpern will be forced to rethink this highly offensive plan.

The Message

Tell Yale Medical School Dean Robert Alpern:

It is unacceptable to use immigrants as test subjects in a military interrogation training center, and to move forward with these plans without input from students, faculty, and the immigrant community of New Haven. 

We call on you to not approve this offensive training center. 

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