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Demand justice for Antonio Zambrano-Montes

Officers in Pasco, WA mercilessly gunned down unarmed Mexican immigrant Antonio Zambrano-Montes.

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    The Message

    To whom it may concern: 

    I am deeply outraged that Pasco police shot and killed 35-year-old Antonio Zambrano-Montes without any apparent justification. I call on Pasco officials to immediately fire and prosecute the police officers involved in his death. Furthermore, the Department of Justice should launch a civil rights investigation into whether the Pasco Police Department engages in patterns or practices of behavior that violates the civil rights of its citizens.

    The video of Antonio's death is shockingly violent, and viewer discretion is strongly advised. In it, you can see Antonio, unarmed, running away from Pasco police officers. He stops and turns around with his arms outstretched. That's when the officers open fire and kill an unarmed man in a volley of gunfire, leaving his wife and two young daughters to mourn.

    Amidst this horror story, there are slivers of hope. The Department of Justice is aware of the case, and officials there say it has been discussed at the highest levels.

    But we need more than hope — we need to be sure that nothing like this will happen again in Pasco, where Antonio was the fourth person gunned down by police in recent months.

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