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Thanks for signing !

Thank you for asking President Obama to end S-Comm. Can you ask your friends and family to do the same?

Below is a sample message that you can copy and paste into an empty email. Please send only to people you know personally — spam only hurts our campaign:

Dear friend,

I signed a petition today to asking President Obama to end Secure Communities (S-Comm). S-Comm is a highly criticized federal program that is deporting immigrants who have done nothing wrong, encouraging racial profiling, and devastating communities around the country. In fact, under S-Comm authorities could deport a woman reporting domestic violence, instead of protecting her.[1]

If we don’t do something about it, S-Comm will come to every neighborhood in the country- including yours! Programs like S-Comm has been responsible for hundred of thousands of deportations. Since the beginning of President Obama’s administration more than 1 million of immigrants have been deported. [2]

Join me and thousands of others today! Sign this petition to demanding the end of S-Comm and let President Obama know that you won’t stand for programs that would only increase deportations.

1. “Domestic Violence Survivor Confronts Secure Communities Director.” Deportation Nation 11/08/2010: http://www.deportationnation.org/2010/11/domestic-violence-survivor-confronts-secure-communities-director.

2. “Rep. Gutierrez Arrested Outside The White House.” Washington Post 7/26/2011: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/44/post/rep-gutierrez-arrested-outside-the-white-house-while-protesting-immigration-policy/2011/07/26/gIQAKspPbI_blog.html.

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