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Help shift the media debate on the humanitarian crisis at the border!

The news media are utterly failing in their responsibility to tell the heartbreaking truth of what's happening at the border. 

Much of the mainstream reporting parrots right-wing talking points depicting this as a problem that must be solved through our broken immigration system — when the reality is that it's an unprecedented humanitarian crisis that must be addressed through humanitarian means. 

It gets worse. By using militaristic language to report the crisis — for instance, describing the migration as a "surge" and the children — as detainees, as though they belong in Guantanamo Bay instead of in their families' loving arms.

The children are surviving a horrendous experience: crammed in detention centers like dogs in a kennel while allegations of sexual abuse are surfacing. Meanwhile, the Obama administration's response to the crisis has been to speed up deportations and the Republicans are getting away with suggesting hysterical solutions like deploying the National Guard to an already militarized border. 

We need to get our message in the media if we want to win in the court of public opinion and shift the debate from increased deportations to protection and asylum.

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