Presente | Tell the DMV: Make sure application for driver's licenses is accessible and protected for all immigrants!
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Tell the DMV: Make sure application for driver's licenses is accessible and protected for all immigrants!

Last year, Presente members and allies helped pass AB 60, a historic law that could bring driver’s licenses to 1.4 million undocumented Californians.

And this week will be the last time the public will have the chance to formally weigh in on identification requirements and privacy protections that will determine who in fact will be able to get a driver's license.

The DMV is holding public hearings in L.A. and Oakland this week on application requirements for the licenses. We need to submit our comments ahead of the hearings and send a clear message that we want an inclusive and protected application process for all eligible Californians. 

Tell the DMV to make the application process more accessible and establish guidelines for privacy protection to prevent discrimination for all immigrant drivers!

The Message

Message to the DMV:

In order to make sure that every Californian driver learns the rules of the road and becomes licensed and insured, I strongly urge the DMV to make AB 60 licenses accessible to all immigrants! 

Currently, the proposed regulations do not meet community needs. The application process would not be accessible to everyone if it requires two forms of ID — a passport and a consular ID. Requiring both to meet identification requirements can be extremely costly for an individual and in some cases impossible to obtain depending on the consulate. 

I call on your agency to exercise more flexibility with the range of documents acceptable to prove identification and residency. There are documents that other states are using to prove residency such as insurance documents, personal mail, etc. 

In urge your agency to establish clear guidelines to protect privacy and prevent discrimination against undocumented applicants, and implement accountability mechanisms to address cases of discrimination where they do occur.

Leave a Comment

What message do you have for the DMV on why it's important to make identification requirements accessible and the application process protected against discrimination?

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