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Tell the EPA: We support reducing carbon pollution now!

The Environmental Protection Agency announced important new energy standards that would reduce carbon emissions — the biggest source behind human-made climate change — by 30%.

In response, the Koch Brothers and other corporate interests responded by launching a misinformation campaign intended to make people believe that reducing air pollution is actually a bad thing — especially for low income people and communities of color!

The EPA will be taking public comments before finalizing the new rules. We'll take your comments and deliver them to the EPA headquarters. Since each state will decide how to implement the new standards, our voices are more critical than ever — together, we can counteract the Koch Brothers' deceptive rhetoric aimed at watering down the EPA standards.

Tell the EPA: Don't bow down to corporate interests. We support reducing carbon pollution now!

The Message

Here's the message we'll deliver to the EPA:

As a member and supporter of, the largest Latino online advocacy organization in the country with over 300,000 members strong, I am writing to express my support for the newly proposed standards to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants.

Eight out of 10 Latinos nationwide, want President Obama to curb the carbon pollution that causes climate change. High concentrations of Latino communities already find themselves on the front lines of suffering from the worst impacts of climate change — from flood-prone Miami to the drought-stricken Southwest.

Nearly six million Americans — largely low-income and communities of color — tend to live within three miles of a coal power plant.

Strong carbon control standards could reduce the risk of heart attacks, lung cancer, asthma, and other diseases that have been linked to emissions from dirty fossil fuel power plants. It could also encourage a switch to clean renewable energy sources, something that 92 percent of Latinos nationally favor.

I urge the Administration and the EPA to set strong limits on carbon pollution from power plants and to stand firm against polluters who will try to block these standards!

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What message do you have for the EPA on why it's important to reduce carbon pollution?

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