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Nevada, We’re Winning

While President Trump rips apart our communities and threatens our very democracy, Presente members in Nevada are showing everyone how to win. In Nevada, we’ve organized, petitioned, voted, called, and dominated the legislature on social media. Now, we almost have a win that will put us at the leading edge of taking our planet back and putting in the hands of all people, not just the elite few.

Last winter, bureaucrats at the Nevada Public Utilities Commission with the support of a billionaire-owned corporation basically killed Nevada’s rooftop solar industry. Did Presente members take that lying down? No! We petitioned, voted to swing a state legislature, told our politicians what we expected of them. This week the Nevada Assembly (38-2) voted by a huge margin to bring rooftop solar back.

But the fight isn’t over yet. We’ve got only a couple of weeks to get through to both the Senate and the Governor, or else it’s game over for another two years. Watch and share this video to tell the Senate you’re watching and you expect them to pass AB 405, which would bring rooftop solar back, and AB 206, which sets Nevada on a path to 50% renewable energy by 2030. Let’s put our country and our planet back on the right path.