Presente | "They Shot At Little Kids Too!"
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"They Shot At Little Kids Too!"

In the last year, there have been eight officer-involved shootings in Anaheim.  The disturbing images in this video took place just hours after the police killing of Manuel Diaz, as residents gathered to demand answers about his death.  The Anaheim Police then fired rubber bullets and unleashed a dog on a crowd that included children.  

If it wasn't clear already, it is clear now: the Anaheim Police Department is out of control.  This police brutality needs to stop.  

Please do something about this, now. Demand that Attorney General Kamala Harris launch an investigation into both the incident on video and the recent increase in officer-involved shootings in Anaheim.

The Message

To Attorney General Kamala Harris:

We are shocked and disturbed by the images of police violence emerging from Anaheim.  When is it acceptable to fire rubber bullets and unleash a dog on a crowd that includes children?  

This comes as we're seeing an alarming increase in the use of excessive deadly force by the Anaheim Police against Latinos and others.  In the last year there have been eight officer-involved shootings in Anaheim. This is out of control.

Attorney General Harris, we demand that you immediately launch an investigation into the incident in the video and the recent escalation of officer-involved shootings.  

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