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    The Message

    Federal and state law enforcement agencies and members of Congress:

    President Donald Trump and his administration are dangerous and out of control. Their constant scandal, lies, corruption, and irresponsible behavior are threatening our safety, our democracy, and the rule of law. They are scapegoating and attacking some of the most vulnerable communities in America and giving racist and xenophobic elements license to advance their bigoted, un-American agenda. It is clear that the President and his top advisors and associates have abused their power and likely broken the law. Immediate and determined action is required at all levels of government to hold them accountable and remove them from office before their actions cause irreparable damage to our constitutional system, human rights, and world order.

    We urge you to conduct thorough criminal and fact-finding investigations into the actions of President Trump, his representatives, and his campaign. If the investigation shows they committed serious crimes, they must be impeached, arrested, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


    ** Send a box of “IMPEACHMINTS” to Congress, clean up government!

    There is now abundant evidence that the Trump administration is mounting an intentional, sustained assault on democracy, in an attempt to move our country toward unaccountable, autocratic, white supremacist, corporate rule.

    Trump’s apparent collusion with a hostile foreign power to corrupt the presidential election undermines voters, endangers national security, and threatens to pervert the democratic process into a scheme for self-enrichment and massive corporate power and profit. Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey is an attack on the independence of law enforcement and an attempt to subvert and capture the federal government’s police powers, transforming them into a tool for political persecution and the suppression of free speech.

    These attacks on the constitutional system cannot be separated from the administration’s simultaneous attempts to scapegoat and demonize some of the most vulnerable groups in our society, for whom the legislative and judicial branches are a last line of defense.

    Our country is at a dangerous turning point. Officials of conscience at all levels of government must do everything in their power to resist the subversion of democracy by investigating, exposing, and prosecuting the administration’s unlawful conduct and abuse of power to the fullest extent.

    ** Send a box of “IMPEACHMINTS” to Congress, clean up government!

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