Enough with 287g. End the “show me your papers” program.

The 287g federal program that empowers local law enforcement to act as ICE agents has become a license for police officers to terrorize migrant communities and communities of color more broadly. Even worse, 287g is the precursor that gave birth to hate legislation like Arizona’s SB 1070 and the copy cat bills spreading across the country. It’s time for President Obama can stop the suffering in our communities by ending police/ICE collaborations, starting with 287g now.

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    Below is the letter we will send to President Obama on your behalf.

    Dear President Barack Obama,

    The time is long past due for you to show the leadership you promised and end the failed 287g program. As a result of the program, families are torn apart. Citizens are racially profiled. Local economies suffer. The move toward dealing with immigration by treating the most vulnerable among us as criminals takes the country in the wrong direction.

    The criminalization of our communities only serves to polarize and take the country in the wrong direction. We want to keep our families together and our communities whole. For a country that honors diversity, dignity, and human rights, we say, “Basta 287(g)!”