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Caravan For Peace

Please join the Caravan for Peace, which is led by the families of victims of violence in Mexico, to call on President Obama to stop the flow of assault weapons into our communities.

Most of the 60,000 people killed in Mexico as a result of the "Drug War" were killed with guns sold in the U.S. Tell President Obama that you don't want greedy gun merchants selling assault weapons, built for war, into our communities where they are then used to massacre tens of thousands of innocent people on both sides of the border.

*Not all organizations allied with the Caravan for Peace endorse this petition.

The Message

Dear President Obama:

We don't want to live in communities where violent people can easily acquire assault weapons built for war to massacre tens of thousands of innocent people in the U.S. and Mexico.  

That is why we're joining with the Caravan for Peace, led by the families of victims of the recent violence in Mexico, to call on you to take the following immediate actions:

Enforce the existing ban on the importation of military-style assault weapons (because many of them are later illegally smuggled into Mexico);

Require gun dealers to report to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) the sale of multiple assault rifles to the same person over a period of five days;.

Strengthen legal enforcement in regions of the U.S. that supply the bulk of the contraband weapons smuggled into Mexico.

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