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Awkward Executive Action Holiday

Share this graphic as a reminder that we need to continue fighting until everyone at the dinner table is safe from deportation. 

President Obama's executive action on immigration is a life changer for many among us but it left out many of our loved ones. This holiday break many people who are eligible for executive relief will sit at the dinner table with family members who have been left out — that's awkward to say the least. 

Here are a few suggestions about how to talk to your family at Thanksgiving dinner about executive action:

  1. Be honest about how you feel. It hurts that not everyone was included and some of us are very angry about it.

  2. Get educated about who is included and excluded and share that information with your family. You can share this cartoon with them to help explain who will receive relief and who won't.

  3. Listen to what your family’s concerns are and point them in the right direction for resources.