Presente | Banning books. Erasing History. Save Ethnic Studies in Arizona.
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Banning books. Erasing History. Save Ethnic Studies in Arizona.

Last week, the Tucson school board outraged the nation when they cancelled its high schools' Mexican American Studies program and forcibly banned a series of books dealing with race. The reason? Apparently teaching respect for other cultures amounts to "racial hatred" and is in violation of Arizona's statewide ban against ethnic studies - passed in conjunction with SB1070.

With Latino students in Tucson making up more than half of the student population - educators, parents, and students are fighting back. Can you sign this petition to Superintendent John Pedicone and the school board to reverse the decision to ban the books and reinstate the program?

The Message

Tell Tucson School Superintendent John Pedicone and the school board:   

Tucson's Mexican American Studies program gave Latino students a sense of pride and connection to their own history and other students were offered an insight to a community that is a huge part of the local culture but all too often demonized.

I am appalled that the Tucson school board, under your leadership, has removed books dealing with race and Latino history from classrooms and cancelled Mexican American Studies courses.  

We're demanding an immediate reversal of the ban and that the Tucson school board reinstate the program. 

Sign the Petition

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