Presente | Google, No More Wall Street Landlords. We demand dignified housing for all!
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Google, No More Wall Street Landlords. We demand dignified housing for all!

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    The Message

    Dear Sundar Pichai (Google CEO),

    Wall Street landlords are reeling in millions from mass evictions and exorbitant rent hikes in California, further exacerbating the state’s housing crisis. In June, you announced you will be making a $1 billion investment in housing across the Bay Area and properly characterized the housing crisis as “particularly urgent and complex.” However, you failed to acknowledge how your company has directly affected the state of housing in the Bay Area and your attempt to solve this widespread problem is cause for alarm.

    We urge you to commit to the following to truly create sustainable development that centers those living in the area:

    1) Work with stakeholders to develop a participatory development process where community members and organizations will have decision making power over housing and development plans for the Bay Area.

    2) Ensure transparency in the planning and development process, including Google’s interactions with local government and zoning boards.

    3) Fund a community land trust to establish and maintain affordable housing for community members.


    [Your Name]

    This summer, Google, one of the main culprits responsible for the Bay’s housing crisis is now trying to solve this widespread problem with a $1B land grab, without acknowledging their role in the crisis.

    Housing is a human right.

    Community organizations have been working feverishly for years to address this crisis and hold corporations accountable. Now one of the wealthiest corporations in history is entering the housing market unilaterally and will cause further disruption to our communities. Housing is not a product they can engineer. Tell Google this human right requires plans and actions that advance the policy of Universal Housing for all.

    1. Pichai, Sundar. "$1 billion for 20,000 Bay Area homes." Google, 18 June 2019.

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