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“Kill at Will” laws must go

“Kill at Will” laws in Florida and 24 other states allow gun-wielding vigilantes like Trayvon’s killer to remain free from the moment they claim that they kill in “self defense.” 

We have no choice but to continue the fight to honor Trayvon’s memory by holding Latino politicians and other backers of "Kill at Will" laws accountable. That fight begins with one of the most outspoken defenders of "Kill at Will" laws, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who’s also a front-runner for the GOP Vice Presidential ticket. Rubio recently told Politico “I voted for the law because the law had sound rationale, and I think it still does.”

Will you join the fight against Kill at Will laws by telling Marco Rubio to immediately revoke his support for the deadly Kill at Will laws by signing this petition?

The Message

We will deliver the following petition to Senator Marco Rubio in your name:

Dear Senator Rubio,

The "Stand your Ground" law enacted in Florida in 2005 with your help is harmful to Latinos and African Americans. Most recently, George Zimmerman, the man that mudered Trayvon Martin, is using this law to defend himself from killing this young man. 

Since Florida’s original 2005 “Kill at Will” law  the number of “justifiable homicides,” like the killing of Trayvon Martin, spiked from an average of 34 yearly to more than 100 in 2007. By supporting these laws, you stand against most Latinos and with powerful interests like the National Rifle Association (NRA), the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and other groups responsible for passing Kill at Will laws in more than 25 states, including Florida.

We demand that you immediately revoke your support for the deadly Kill at Will laws!

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