Presente | Microsoft, Amazon, and Salesforce: Adjust your moral compass/drop ICE and CBP!
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Microsoft, Amazon, and Salesforce: Adjust your moral compass/drop ICE and CBP!

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    The Message

    Dear Microsoft, Amazon, and Salesforce CEOs,

    It is time to cancel your contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and/or Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Your company has a moral responsibility to ensure that its products and expertise are not used to violate human rights.

    The violence we are witnessing against immigrants by ICE and CBP would not be possible on such a mass scale without your corporation’s support. You have an opportunity to stand with impacted communities who are demanding justice and tech employees who are protesting their company’s decisions—not only to urge the administration to change their policy, but to refuse to be complicit in traumatizing children and families.

    You must cancel your corporation's contract with ICE and/or CBP immediately.

    The Trump administration's 'zero morality' policy has left thousands of children separated from their families and caregivers. The disastrous policy is cruel and a violation of human rights. And, disgustingly, there are companies profiting from Trump's xenophobic and inhumane agenda. The act of separating and detaining families would not be possible without a massive bureaucratic and logistical machine behind it, provided by companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Salesforce. 

    A growing coalition of grassroots advocacy groups are demanding that Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, and other large tech companies drop their contracts with immigration enforcement agencies like ICE and CBP.

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