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Bring the public option back!

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    The Message

    Private insurance companies need competition and accountability. We want a public option! Members of Congress should support the new public option resolution and candidates across the country should endorse giving everyone a public option. Healthcare is a human right and we should have the option of health insurance like Medicare that competes with private for-profit insurers. Members of Congress and candidates should embrace it in 2016 so we have momentum and can pass it under the next president.

    Obamacare has helped millions get access to healthcare – but almost 10 million Latinx people are still uninsured. Now, Aetna and other corporate insurers are pulling out of states with high Latinx populations, putting many in our communities at risk of losing the care they need.

    We need a public health insurance option that can compete with the insurance companies and guarantee everyone affordable health care. The insurance companies successfully removed the public option from Obamacare before it passed. But now, we have another big opportunity to make it happen.

    Progressive organizations are partnering with dozens of U.S. Senators to introduce and rally around a congressional resolution calling for a public health insurance option. If we make our voices heard now, we can make public health insurance central to the 2016 debate and have momentum to pass this idea under the next president. The next few days are key to creating political momentum, and visible support from enough people will get other senators and candidates to sign on.

    This is the moment to strike and put the public option back on the national agenda. Please sign on as a supporter today.

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