Presente | URGENT: Congress may destroy sanctuary cities
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URGENT: Congress may destroy sanctuary cities

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    The Message

    Dear Member of Congress,

    I'm calling on you to reject fear mongering Republican rhetoric and vote against any measure that would attack sanctuary cities. We all recognize that Kate Steinle's death was a tragedy. But attacking sanctuary cities in general, rather than the specific policy failures that led to her killer's return to the streets of San Francisco, would punish all undocumented immigrants for one man's terrible actions. Moreover, it lends credence to the false argument put forward by Donald Trump and other Republicans that the undocumented are inherently dangerous.

    An attack on sanctuary cities is an attack on Latino communities everywhere. You must reject such attacks.


    [Your Name]

    Politicians from both parties, led by GOP hatemonger Donald Trump, are exploiting the tragic murder of Kate Steinle to scapegoat immigrants and attack "sanctuary cities," which don't allow local officials to enforce broken federal immigration laws.

    Now Senate Republicans are trying to rush through legislation that would cut federal funding to sanctuary cities, effectively destroying them. If that happens, more immigrants and perceived immigrants will be criminalized and subjected to the same kind of terror endured under Arizona’s SB 1070. It will make everyone less safe by creating even more fear and mistrust of law enforcement in immigrant communities.

    We’d expect this from Republicans. But now some Democrats – including Dianne Feinstein and Dick Durbin – are joining in. It’s a shocking betrayal that threatens to legitimize Trump and his Republican allies' anti-immigrant fearmongering. Senate Democrats must hold a clear standard for sanctuary cities and not be pulled into the worst of reactionary politics.

    The Republican-controlled House of Representatives just voted to effectively dismantle sanctuary cities. These efforts directly attack Latino families and add to the hostile and dangerous environment immigrants experience every day in communities throughout the US.

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