Presente | Obama: Take Marijuana Off the DEA Schedule of Drugs!
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Obama: Take Marijuana Off the DEA Schedule of Drugs!

President Obama recently told The New Yorker that he felt troubled about the disproportionate arrests and incarcerations of black and brown youth for marijuana-related offenses. He even acknowledged that marijuana is not any more dangerous than alcohol.

As President, he has the power to halt the needless persecution of youth of color by law enforcement  -- but he has so far failed to act.

Tell President Obama to remove marijuana from the schedule of illegal drugs.

The Message

Below is the message we'll send to President Obama on your behalf:

Mr. President,

Thank you for acknowledging the wide epidemic of youth of color incarcerated for marijuana related charges, a drug you yourself said isn’t any more dangerous than alcohol. However, this statement alone will not keep black and brown youth from severe punishment for using marijuana, nor will it keep law enforcement officers from continuing to target youth of color.

We urge you to take a stand on behalf of youth of color everywhere and take marijuana off the DEA schedule of drugs.

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