Presente | Tell Senator Schumer: Invite an undocumented Latino worker to the next hearing
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Tell Senator Schumer: Invite an undocumented Latino worker to the next hearing

Not one single undocumented Latino worker was called to testify while the House and the Senate have been discussing immigration reform this last week. Don't you think that the voices of those most impacted by immigration need to be heard?

Sen. Schumer is responsible for pushing immigration reform through a Democrat-controlled Senate that is supposed to be on our side. If over 10,000 of you call on Sen. Schumer to invite an undocumented Latino worker to testify before the Senate, we'll do an in person delivery. If he doesn't act, we'll make sure the media knows Sen. Schumer is responsible for excluding the people most affected by our broken immigration system.

The Message

To Senator Chuck Schumer:

Hearing undocumented Latinos testify about how immigration reform affects them is crucial. Latinos are disproportionately represented both in the numbers of people seeking citizenship through immigration reform and in the numbers impacted by deportation, detention, and family separation.

We ask that you invite a Latino undocumented immigrant to the next hearing. The nation needs to hear from day laborers, domestic workers, farm workers, and the many more working class undocumented Latinos who are most significantly impacted by immigration reform.  

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