Build Power. Change Culture. Stay ¡Presente!

Presente supports the creation of a massive, multi-issue, grassroots Latinx movement calling for freedom, dignity, equity, and justice for all. is the nation’s largest online Latinx organizing group; advancing social justice with technology, media, and culture.

We are looking for hard working, bright, and compassionate college students at all levels to participate in our advocacy and organizing work.

What we do:

Presente uses cutting-edge digital tools, expert strategy, media savvy, and social media platforms to produce mass collective action, public education projects, and media storytelling on economic justice (housing, wage theft, predatory lending), environmental justice (as a frontline community impacted by climate change), criminal justice (ending mass incarceration, abolishing private prisons), immigrants’ rights (family unity, civil rights, criminal justice intersections), and corporate accountability (Latinx media representation, culture change, and stopping fossil fuel companies). Our organizing apparatus shifts power to the people and gives communities a pathway to launch urgent (“rapid response”) public education campaigns at scale and in the moment.

At this time of incredible convergence and movement building, is working in close partnership with Alianza Americas to combine our powerful online and local efforts to strengthen community, connection, and networked, dynamic organizing. Presente and Alianza America's deeper collaboration demonstrates the future of organizing and powerbuilding — combining a network of more than 50 leading local migrant justice organizations across the country with hundreds of thousands of Latinx-led activists ready to act.

During these uncertain and frightening times, an antidote to fear and isolation is the deep relationship-building and shared commitment, clarity, and alignment created through organizing and building community power. And now, as we face incredible existential threats to human existence, we can feel more prepared through solidarity and deep practice, rooted in anti-oppression work within and outside of U.S. borders.

Indeed, we are presently in a critical and necessary time, as we challenge the violence of racism and inequality while rebuilding our society with shared purpose and community, online and off-line.

Areas of Practice:

Your college-level community engagement internship or practicum might involve any of the following areas of work. We will work with you to find the projects best suited to your skills and academic needs. We provide supervision and training where needed.

  • Social media content creation and project management
  • Ally and partner coordination
  • Live tweeting and other key social media activities
  • Supporting local and national digital organizing campaigns
  • Updating and maintaining social media groups and lists of partners, influencers, journalists, etc.
  • Editorial assistance across digital content (emails, op-eds, social media toolkits, etc.)
  • Graphic design work
  • Digital ad creation and placement
  • Supporting member-led campaigns on our local digital organizing platform
  • Wordpress website updates and maintenance

How to get started

  1. Contact us to let us know of your interest, background, skills, and goals. Tell us why you want to help us with our work, and what do you hope to learn from the experience?
  2. While you are doing that, check with your college and your program to find out how you can get academic credit for your community engagement via Presente. Most colleges and universities have internship, independent study, graduate practicum, and other programs that support student learning through direct community and civic engagement.
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